SECTION 140:15-7-4. Appendages to names of licensees  

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  • (a)   Every chiropractic physician who writes or prints, or causes to be written or printed, his name (whether or not the word "doctor," or an abbreviation thereof, is used in conjunction therewith) in any manner in connection with such person engaging in, or in any manner holding himself out to the public as engaging in, the practice of chiropractic, shall append to his name so written or printed, in the same size letter as his name, one of the following designations:
    (1)   Chiropractic Physician;
    (2)   Doctor of Chiropractic
    (3)   Chiropractor; or
    (4)   D.C.
    (b)   Failure to properly use the designations listed above may result in the issuance of a field citation.
[Source: Added at 11 Ok Reg 4573, eff 8-25-94; Amended at 35 Ok Reg 907, eff 9-14-18]