SECTION 140:15-9-4. Initial Registration Requirements  

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  • (a)   Any doctor of chiropractic in the State of Oklahoma who desires to hold himself or herself out to the public as being a post-doctorate specialist in an area must first register with the Board. Initial registration requires a Chiropractic Physician to submit the following to the Board:
    (1)   a completed application on a form provided by the Board
    (2)   the specialty registration fee, as set by the Board;
    (3)   documentation of specialty status issued by the specialty council or institution, verifying that the licensee has met the protocols, guidelines, standards, and educational hours required by the respective specialty council, specialty board, or institution.
    (b)   Upon a successful demonstration of these requirements, the Board shall add the chiropractic physician's name to the registry.
[Source: Added at 23 Ok Reg 2944, eff 7-13-06; Amended at 26 Ok Reg 2443, eff 7-11-09]