SECTION 155:20-1-3. Responsibilities  

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  • (a)   The Commissioners shall:
    (1)   Identify problems affecting the state's renewable natural resources and set resource guided goals that the Conservation Cost-Share Program will address.
    (2)   Establish, based on Commission staff recommendations, program year guidelines.
    (3)   Designate priority watersheds and allocate funds to be used in these watersheds based on recommendations from Commission staff.
    (4)   Consider the establishment of a reserve fund to address contingencies that may arise concerning the operation of the Conservation Cost-Share Program within the districts and/or the Commission.
    (b)   The Commission staff shall:
    (1)   Present to the Commissioners a prioritized list of problems affecting the state's renewable natural resources and recommend a set of resource guided goals in addressing these problems.
    (2)   Recommend program year guidelines to the Commissioners.
    (3)   Recommend to the Commissioners priority watersheds and the amount of funds to be allocated to each priority watershed. Input from the Nonpoint Source Working Group will be used in developing these recommendations.
    (4)   Develop, and make available to districts, guidance including a detailed list of policies, procedures, and forms necessary for the efficient administration of the program.
    (5)   Monitor, evaluate, and assess waters of the state to determine the condition of streams and rivers impacted by nonpoint source pollution and report the results of these studies to the Commission, districts, and appropriate local, state, and federal agencies.
    (6)   Assist districts in identifying and prioritizing nonpoint source problems as well as other problems impacting the state's renewable natural resources.
    (7)   Assist and give guidance to districts in selecting cost-share conservation practices that will be used to address Commission established nonpoint source problems in priority watersheds.
    (c)   The conservation district shall:
    (1)   Identify and prioritize problems affecting the district's renewable natural resources. If so applicable, the district may identify unique priority areas for focusing the application of conservation practices.
    (2)   Consult with Commission staff concerning the selection of cost-share conservation practices which will be used to address nonpoint source pollution problems in priority watersheds or parts of priority watersheds that exist within the district.
    (3)   Apply to the Commission for an allocation of funds to address the Priority Watershed Initiative and the Locally Led Conservation Initiative.
[Source: Added at 15 Ok Reg 4301, eff 8-12-98 (emergency); Added at 16 Ok Reg 1355, eff 6-1-99; Amended at 26 Ok Reg 797, eff 4-25-09]