SECTION 155:35-1-1. Purpose  

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  • (a)   This Chapter sets forth statutory requirements for the coordination of Oklahoma's Geographic Information pursuant to 82 O. S. Ann. §§ 1501-205 and 27 O. S. Ann. §§ 3-2-107 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The purpose of coordination is to promote the collaboration and sharing of geographic information, eliminate duplication of efforts and to insure the consistency of geographic information data elements through the adoption of applicable standards and procedures. The result is the development and maintenance of a fully-functioning Oklahoma Spatial Data Infrastructure that supports governments, educational institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals in the State through better decision-making, service and responsiveness to the citizens.
    (b)   The state's pollution complaint data that is collected by various state agencies is a specific classification of geographic information that the Commission is charged with the responsibility of making this information accessible to the public. This is being accomplished through coordination with the various agencies and by creating and maintaining a central database for the purpose of reporting and making this information available to the public.
[Source: Added at 26 Ok Reg 804, eff 4-25-09]