SECTION 155:45-5-5. Non-eligible losses  

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  •   Non-eligible damages include but are not limited to the following:
    (1)   Controlled burns on state or federal lands or conducted by state or federal governments;
    (2)   Any person who has received, or is eligible, for reimbursement from any other state or federal agency, insurance company, or third party payor for losses claimed;
    (3)   Loss of time;
    (4)   Loss of business;
    (5)   Smoke damage;
    (6)   Loss of wildlife habitat;
    (7)   Injury to or loss of human life;
    (8)   Any damages or punitive damages awarded against claimant or applicant in any legal proceeding;
    (9)   Attorney or legal fees;
    (10)   Losses from an unapproved controlled burn; and
    (11)   Other losses as determined by the Commission.
[Source: Added at 27 Ok Reg 2483, eff 8-2-10]