SECTION 165:58-1-1. Purpose; short title  

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  • (a)   This Chapter establishes the Oklahoma Corporation Commission rules governing the regulation and operations of Payphone Service Providers in Oklahoma, which may be cited by the short title as the Payphone Rules.
    (b)   This Chapter is intended to define good business practices under normal conditions, to assure adequate service, to prevent collection of unfair charges from end-users, and to protect payphone service providers from unreasonable demands.
    (c)   This Chapter is further intended to permit lawful market-driven price and service competition among payphone service providers by applying such regulatory requirements as are necessary to assure public access to payphone services, under tariff provisions which are not unjustly discriminatory, and to preclude unjust and unreasonable rates and charges in such market.
    (d)   This Chapter is intended to establish public interest payphones for the purpose of making telecommunications services available in the interest of public convenience, health, safety and welfare, at locations where there would otherwise not be a payphone.
[Source: Added at 14 Ok Reg 21, eff 9-30-96 (emergency); Added at 14 Ok Reg 1261, eff 5-15-97]