SECTION 165:59-1-4. Definitions  

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  •   In addition to terms defined in The Oklahoma Telecommunications Act, 17 O.S. §§ 139.101, et seq., the following words and terms, when used in this Chapter shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
    "Administrator"or "OUSF Administrator" or "OLF Administrator"means the same as Administrator, as defined in the Oklahoma Telecommunications Act.
    "ALJ" means Administrative Law Judge.
    "Assessed Revenues" means as that term is defined in 17 O.S. § 139.107(A).
    "Bed" is a patient care bed or bassinet that is regularly maintained, staffed on a 24-hours basis, and immediately available for the care of patients.
    "Carrier of Last Resort" means a telecommunications service provider as designated by the Commission pursuant to OAC 165:55.
    "Commercial mobile radio service provider" means a carrier who provides wireless telecommunications services.
    "Customer" or "Subscriber" means any person, firm, partnership, cooperative corporation, corporation or lawful entity that receives telecommunications services.
    "FCC" means the Federal Communications Commission.
    "High-cost area" means an area where actual costs exceed Commission- or Legislatively-authorized rates for Primary Universal Services.
    "Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol" or "VoIP" includes both fixed and nomadic versions of the service, with fixed Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol service able to be used at only one location, and nomadic Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol service able to be used at multiple locations. Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol means a service that:
    (A)   enables real-time, two-way voice communications;
    (B)   requires a broadband connection from the user's location;
    (C)   requires Internet protocol-compatible customer premises equipment; and
    (D)   permits users generally to receive calls that originate on the public switched telephone network and to terminate calls to the public switched telephone network.
    "Internet Subscriber Fee" means any fee that is paid to a telecommunications service provider for internet service that is in addition to the access connection charge.
    "Lifeline Service Program" means the federal and state program designed to keep low-income subscribers on the telecommunications network.
    "Network" includes a telecommunications service provider's or telecommunication carrier's facilities used to originate and terminate traffic.
    "Oklahoma Universal Services" means Primary Universal Service and Special Universal Services as defined in the Oklahoma Telecommunications Act.
    "OneNet" means statewide Internet and technology provider operated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for the purpose of meeting the mission critical technology needs of Oklahoma's education, research, healthcare and public service communities.
    "Reimbursement" means remuneration from the OUSF for Primary Universal Services and Special Universal Services. Reimbursement also means remuneration from the Oklahoma Lifeline Fund pursuant to OAC 165:59-9, for the Lifeline Service Program.
    "Service territory" means a geographic area within which a telecommunications service provider has authority to provide telecommunications services.
    "SETDA" means the State Educational Technology Directors Association.
    "Special Construction Cost" is the FCC's Category One eligible charge necessary to connect public schools and public libraries to broadband networks.
    "State" means the State of Oklahoma.
    "Telecommunications Act of 1996" means the Federal legislation cited as 47 U.S.C. §§151 et. seq.
    "USAC" means the Universal Services Administrative Company.
    "U.S.C." means United States Code.
    "Unregulated services" means telecommunications services not regulated by the Commission.
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