SECTION 165:59-7-15. Provision of Special Universal Services  

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  • (a)   After compliance with the Oklahoma Telecommunications Act, and upon receipt of a written request by an OUSF Beneficiary, the eligible provider receiving the request shall make a good faith effort to provide the requested Special Universal Service not later than ten (10) business days after receiving the request.
    (b)   If the requested Special Universal Service cannot be provided within the time limit established by subsection (a) of this Section, the eligible provider shall immediately notify the OUSF Beneficiary requesting the service of the estimated delay and any interim service that might be available. Service requests shall be filled as quickly as practicable, but no longer than thirty (30) days after the request for service has been received by the eligible provider unless unavoidable delays beyond the eligible provider's control are experienced. If the service will be delayed longer than thirty (30) days, the eligible provider shall promptly notify the OUSF Administrator of the reason for the delay upon becoming aware of the delay, and the anticipated completion date of the request for service.
[Source: Added at 15 Ok Reg 1199, eff 1-6-98 (emergency); Added at 15 Ok Reg 1919, eff 7-1-98; Amended at 28 Ok Reg 2255, eff 7-25-11; Amended at 34 Ok Reg 5, eff 8-12-16 (emergency); Amended at 34 Ok Reg 1011, eff 9-11-17]