SECTION 200:1-1-5. General methods of ODFA operation

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  • (a)   Official office. The official office of the ODFA is located in Oklahoma City, OK. Its telephone number is (405) 848-9761. The office hours are from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. Central Time each day except Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.
    (b)   Meetings of the Board. The ODFA will conduct its meeting of the Board, and any committees thereof, in accordance with its Declaration of Trust, as amended, its By-Laws and the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, Title 25, Sections 301 to 314.
    (c)   Executive sessions. The Board may hold executive sessions at such meetings as is permitted by the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, supra, including executive sessions to discuss materials that are confidential or commercially sensitive information pursuant to Title 74, Section 5062.6(F).
    (d)   Notice of meetings. Notice of annual; regular, special, or emergency meetings will be given in accordance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, supra.
    (e)   Agenda items. The President of the ODFA will cause an agenda to be prepared for each meeting of the ODFA. The agenda will be filed and posted in accordance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, supra. Any matter which the President deems necessary may be placed on the agenda for a meeting. Any matter which any member of the Board deems necessary will be placed on the agenda if communicated to the President in time for lawful filing and posting of the agenda. Other responsible persons may request the President to place matters on the agenda for a meeting.
    (f)   Confidential or commercially sensitive information. Any information submitted to or compiled by The Oklahoma Development Finance Authority with respect to the marketing plans, financial statements, trade secrets or any other commercially sensitive information of persons, firms, associations, partnerships, agencies, corporations or other entities shall be confidential, except to the extent that the person or entity which provided such information or which is the subject of such information consents to disclosure. [74:5062.6(F)]
    (g)   Open records. The President will appoint one (1) member of the ODFA staff to act as the Open Records contact person. All requests for the public records of the ODFA will be made upon this person who will be charged with making the public records of the ODFA available for inspection by or copying to the requesting party during normal office hours. The ODFA will charge $0.25 per page for each copy of a public record made upon written request. The contact person so designated will decide if the request is for a record not otherwise made confidential under Oklahoma law. The designated Open Records contact person is authorized to discuss this decision with the President, legal counsel, or the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma as may become necessary. Except information that is confidential or commercially sensitive as described above, or specifically kept confidential under Oklahoma or federal law, all documents or other records of the ODFA will be open for public inspection and copying.
[Source: Amended at 12 Ok Reg 2173, eff 7-14-95]