SECTION 210:15-19-12. Specifications for the vehicle

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  • (a)   All Driver and Traffic Safety Education (D/TSE) vehicles must be equipped with dual controls, sideview mirrors (right and left), and front and rear seat belts for all occupants of the vehicle.
    (b)   All D/TSE vehicles shall be clearly identified "Student Driver" on front and back of vehicle in a clearly visible place. It is recommended that the letters be at least 4″ high.
[Source: Added at 10 Ok Reg 2139, eff 5-4-93 (emergency); Added at 11 Ok Reg 1989, eff 5-26-94; Amended at 14 Ok Reg 2103, eff 3-31-97 (emergency); Amended at 15 Ok Reg 2533, eff 6-25-98]