SECTION 210:15-23-2. Procedural safeguards for the identification of students for gifted education programming  

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  • (a)   Gifted and talented children shall be identified consistent with 70 O.S. 1210.301 for the purposes of funding through the annual gifted educational child count.
    (b)   Identification procedures are clearly stated and uniformly implemented.
    (c)   Student placement decisions in the capability areas are based on multiple criteria.
    (d)   Procedures used in the identification process are non-discriminatory with respect to race, economic background, national origin or handicapping condition.
    (e)   Written identification and placement procedures include parental involvement.
    (1)   Parents grant written permission for individual ability testing.
    (2)   Local Gifted Educational Plan includes a procedure for parents to appeal a placement or nonplacement decision with which they disagree.
    (f)   Identification of gifted students is an ongoing process extending from school entry through grade twelve.
    (1)   Opportunities are provided for students to be considered for placement in gifted programs throughout their school experience. Students' placement in programming options is based on their abilities, needs and interests.
    (2)   Identification of students based on a nationally standardized test of intellectual ability is valid for a minimum of three years and may be valid for the student's educational experience.
    (3)   Procedures for the consideration of identification and placement of a pupil who was identified as gifted and talented in another school district are developed and implemented.
    (4)   Evaluation of the appropriateness of students' placement in gifted educational programming shall be ongoing.
    (5)   Written policies for removal from a programming option include a procedure for conferencing with parents relative to any change in placement.
    (6)   Strict confidentiality procedures are followed in regard to records of placement decisions and data on all nominated students.
    (7)   Records of placement decisions and data on all nominated students are kept on file for a minimum of five years or for as long as needed for educational decisions.
    (8)   Appropriate documentation for students scoring in the top three percent (3%) on a nationally standardized test of intellectual ability shall include, but is not limited to, individual student test composite score reports, written parent permission to test (required for individual ability tests), parental approval of program placement decisions.
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