SECTION 210:15-30-4. Removal of an SES provider

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  •   A Supplemental Educational Service (SES) provider may not be approved to be listed as an Oklahoma SES provider or may be removed from the list of Oklahoma SES providers for any of the following:
    (1)   Company owners and employees are subject to background checks. Any owner or employee who has a felony conviction will be grounds for removal.
    (2)   Providers that use materials that are misleading or provide false information.
    (3)   Providers working with schools not eligible for Supplemental Educational Services funding but using that program as their advertising.
    (4)   Providers that provide incentives to students, parents, or school persons to gain advantage in signing up students.
    (5)   Providers that fail to turn in their end of the year reports.
    (6)   A provider must be able to deliver supplemental educational services to school districts in which the provider is approved by the state. If a state-approved provider withdraws from offering services to students in a school district in which it is approved and in which it has signed either a contract to provide services or a letter of intent and the minimums per site set by the provider have been met, the school district must report the provider to the SDE. The provider shall be immediately removed from the state-approved list for the current school year for that school district. Upon the second such withdrawal in any school district, the provider shall be ineligible to provide services in the state the following year.
    (7)   The SDE may consider contractual violations for purposes of provider renewal if provider fails to meet LEA contract for services.
    (8)   If compliance issues are raised about a provider and his/her services the following may occur depending upon the issue raised:
    (A)   Provider's services may be immediately suspended if it commits a felony or misdemeanor; has substantial noncompliance; or if an LEA or SDE determines that a threat exists to the health or safety of students.
    (B)   A provider may be removed from the State-approved list upon written notice if the provider has engaged in illegal or deceptive practice, violated any assurance or aspect of its application to SDE, falsified any information on its application or other reports to SDE, or otherwise violated State or federal law.
    (9)   Federal programs complaint procedures for Title I, Part A, (210:10-17-1) apply to SES programs.
[Source: Added at 25 Ok Reg 213, eff 10-2-07 (emergency); Added at 25 Ok Reg 1577, eff 6-12-08]