SECTION 210:35-15-2. Summer school programs

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  •   Rules and regulations for summer school programs are:
    (1)   Application. Schools, including Technology Centers, desiring accreditation by the State Board of Education shall make application on forms furnished for this purpose (summer high school). The application shall be completely and properly completed and filed with the Accreditation Section, State Department of Education, on or before the end of the first week of the summer session.
    (2)   Time in session.
    A high school may define a unit of credit as meeting a minimum of 60 hours for 1/2 unit of credit or a minimum of 120 hours for 1 unit of credit.
    (3)   Teacher load.
    (A)   Teachers teaching in summer schools shall not teach more than two units during the summer term of school, unless special permission is granted by the State Department of Education.
    (B)   Teachers shall not teach more than two subjects during any one period.
    (4)   Teacher certification. All teachers shall have valid appropriate teacher certificates.
    (5)   Summer school Career Orientation classes. Summer school Career Orientation classes at the technology center may be accredited for grades 9-10.
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