SECTION 210:35-3-86. Qualifications; personnel records  

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  • (a)   All professional personnel, with the exception of some instructors in Career Technology programs, shall hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, provide evidence of adequate professional education preparation, meet the certification standards of Oklahoma, and be assigned to teach in areas for which they are certified.
    (b)   The superintendent who is the administrative head of the school system shall hold a valid Oklahoma superintendent's certificate. The Technology Center superintendent who is the administrative head of the school system shall also hold the technology center superintendent endorsement issued by the State Board of Education. In addition, the technology center superintendent shall have a Standard Area School Administrator Credential which is issued by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.
    (c)   A deputy or assistant superintendent shall hold the same certification/credentials as the superintendent.
    (d)   Administrative assistants shall have education training or experience appropriate to their responsibilities.
    (e)   Any administrative assistant whose responsibilities include the supervision of certificated personnel and/or educational program shall hold a valid administrative certificate appropriate to the grade level(s) that he/she supervises.
    (f)   Other professional staff shall hold the appropriate certification for their job assignment.
    (g)   Official up-to-date transcripts showing the work of all school teachers and nurses in all districts shall be kept on file during the year in the office of the superintendent with copies at school sites. All districts shall also keep on file during the year, in the office of the site principal and the superintendent. Districts may accept official transcripts from educational institutions in either hard copy or electronic form. Acceptance of an official transcript in electronic form may require direct submission to the State Department of Education by the educational institution.
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