SECTION 210:35-31-7. Educational plans

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  • (a)   As outlined by the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare (AABH) in the STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES FOR PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT, 2ND EDITION and standards in the MEDICAL PROVIDERS-HOSPITAL SPECIFIC MANUAL, the day treatment program is responsible for formulating an individualized treatment plan which is to be reviewed on a routine basis and revised as needed. The treatment plan must include specific service strategies to deal with the manifest problems; it must have detailed plans to fully integrate the child in the home and community; and it must demonstrate collaboration with the educational system to reintegrate the child into the home school. These efforts should include communication and coordination with the various programs, agencies, parents/guardians and school districts.
    (b)   The educational plan shall be under the direction of the educational staff of the school and the treatment team. A procedure should be in place whereby the teacher(s) and/or other designated representatives of the school are provided the opportunity to communicate recommendations, participate in the planning and decisions for coordination between the educational plan and the treatment plan. The school shall have authority and responsibility for the educational plan.
    (c)   The educational plan shall describe the appropriate curriculum, instructional time, and educational setting based on the individual needs of the child.
    (d)   The educational plan shall be in effect no later than ten (10) days from enrollment.
    (e)   The educational plan for eligible children with disabilities shall be in accordance with the IEP, as required by Federal regulations and State standards.
    (f)   Students who are enrolled in the onsite educational services of the local school district shall have the same opportunities to receive schoolwide progress reports or grade cards and transcripts as other enrolled students in the district. Similarly, enrolled students shall have the same opportunities for admission, promotion, retention, graduation, proficiency based promotion, and high school equivalency certificates.
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