SECTION 260:105-5-3. Disposal of state property by a surplus property agent  

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  • (a)   Method of disposal. A surplus property agent shall determine the method of disposal for all surplus property transferred to State Surplus for disposal.
    (b)   Public Auction. A surplus property agent shall conduct periodic public auctions to dispose of surplus property that has been held on-site for longer than thirty (30) days.
    (1)   A public auction shall be open to individuals and business entities.
    (2)   The time, date and location of a public auction shall be advertised in a local newspaper and published on the Office website.
    (c)   Disposal for salvage. An agent may reasonably believe that surplus property has salvage value only and shall document the reasons for such a determination. Surplus property declared to have salvage value only may be disposed of by public auction, direct sale, or solicitation of bids pursuant to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.
    (d)   Direct sales. An agent may sell surplus property directly to state agencies, counties, cities, non-profit organizations, rural fire departments, rural water districts and multipurpose senior citizen centers located in Oklahoma at market prices.
[Source: Added at 31 Ok Reg 1516, eff 9-12-14]