SECTION 260:105-5-4. Processing special class surplus property  

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  • (a)   Special classes of surplus property. An agent may determine any surplus data processing copier, printer, telecommunications, other such technology equipment or portable buildings to be a special class of property based upon its value, operation, or structure.
    (b)   Approval of special classes. Special classes are declared surplus property and approved by the Administrator according to 260:105-5-1.
    (c)   On-site demonstrations to potential buyers. Whenever a state agency declares items named in (a) of this section as surplus property and requests its transfer to the Office, an agent may determine that the property be retained on-site and in operation, if applicable, to permit demonstration to potential buyers. The determination will be based on the following:
    (1)   Disconnection and transportation of the property may drastically decrease its value;
    (2)   On-site demonstration of the property is for the overall best interest of the state;
    (d)   Coordination of sale. An agent shall coordinate the sale of property named in this section with the agency and employ the most efficient, timely and cost effective method to process the property. Sales to the public shall be delayed for thirty (30) days to provide priority purchase to state agencies. [see 260:105-7-2.]
[Source: Added at 31 Ok Reg 1516, eff 9-12-14]