SECTION 260:80-1-1. Purpose  

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  • (a)   The Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services promulgates the rules of this chapter pursuant to the authority of 80 O.S., Section 34.2 and subject to the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act, 75 O. S., Section 251, et. seq.
    (b)   Pursuant to provisions of Title 40, United States Code - Public Buildings, Property and Works, Subtitle I, Chapter 5, Section 549 (hereinafter referred to as 40 USC 549), Federal Management Regulation (FMR), Subchapter B - Personal Property, 41 CFR Part 02-37 and state law, the State Agency for Surplus Property shall operate pursuant to this State Plan of Operation.
    (c)   This State Plan of Operation establishes provisions for the Oklahoma State Agency for Surplus Property to acquire and distribute Federal surplus personal property to donees that meet the eligibility criteria specified by Federal law and regulation as determined by the state agency.
[Source: Added at 31 Ok Reg 1482, eff 9-12-14]