SECTION 260:90-9-1. Alternative Fuels Technician Hearing Board; complaints, investigations, false or fraudulent representation, suspension or revocation of certificate  

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  • (a)   A person or persons designated by the Agency Director or designee and the Committee shall act as the Alternative Fuels Technician Hearing Board and shall comply with the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act.
    (b)   The Board may, upon its own motion, and shall, upon written complaint filed by any person, investigate the business transactions of any certified alternative fuels equipment or compression technician.
    (c)   The Board shall suspend or revoke any certificate or registration obtained by false or fraudulent representation.
    (d)   The Board shall also suspend or revoke any certificate or registration for any of the following reasons:
    (1)   Making a material misstatement in the application for a certificate or registration, or the renewal of a certificate or registration;
    (2)   Loaning or illegally using a certificate;
    (3)   Demonstrating incompetence to act as an alternative fuels equipment or compression technician;
    (4)   Violating any provisions of the Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Act, or any rule or order prescribed by the agency; or
    (5)   Willfully failing to perform normal business obligations without justifiable cause.
    (e)   The Board shall convene at the request of the committee and/or the agency director and shall have as its counsel the general counsel of the agency.
    (f)   The Board shall authorize the general counsel to investigate the matter or matters being considered by the Board.
    (g)   The General Counsel of the Agency may elect to delegate the investigation to a person or persons of his choice.
    (h)   Investigations are to be secret until presented to the Board for recommendations.
    (i)   Upon the review of the facts of the investigation, the Board may determine whether or not to hear a case.
    (j)   The Board and its activities shall comply with the Administrative Procedures Act.
    (k)   Any person whose Alternative Fuels Equipment or Compression Technician Certificate has been revoked by the Board may apply for a new certificate one (1) year from the date of such revocation.
[Source: Added at 31 Ok Reg 1496, eff 9-12-14]