SECTION 260:95-3-5. Reuse or repurposing of surplus property  

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  •   If a surplus property is appropriate for repurposing or reuse by another state agency, providing no historic factors preclude reuse or repurposing, Real Estate and Leasing Services will:
    (1)   Make a determination that it is in the best interest of the state to attempt to reuse or repurpose the property;
    (2)   Attempt to match the property with a suitable agency for ownership;
    (3)   Assist the potential new owning agency with space planning and any required forms and authorizations for property acquisition;
    (4)   Assist with the procurement of any necessary surveys, appraisals, studies, or assessments;
    (5)   Prepare all documents necessary for transfer;
    (6)   Make a recommendation for transfer to the Long-Range Capital Planning Commission;
    (7)   Facilitate the execution and filing of documents transferring ownership; and
    (8)   Deposit proceeds from the transfer in the appropriate fund.
[Source: Added at 35 Ok Reg 1363, eff 9-14-18]