SECTION 310:520-1-3. Duty of school personnel  

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  • (a)   An important part of a school health program is the prevention and control of communicable diseases. The teacher is in a strategic position to detect beginning symptoms if illness by the careful and continuous observation of children in the classroom. There are three general measures which school personnel can use to prevent the spread of disease:
    (1)   Oklahoma law requires parents to provide proper and necessary immunizations for their children, particularly diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, rubella and measles during the preschool age. All schools are required to maintain immunization records or exemptions on each student.
    (2)   Encourage parents to keep sick children at home.
    (3)   Isolate pupils who appear to be ill and make preparations to send them home.
    Good health is more important than a perfect attendance record.
    (b)   We cannot emphasize too strongly the fallacy of the idea that children are always in condition to attend school and that perfect attendance records are to be sought at any cost.