SECTION 310:662-6-1. Requirements for administration of the competency examination  

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  • (a)   The competency examination for individuals who successfully complete agency-based supportive home assistant training taught in compliance with 63 O.S Supp. 2009 § 1-1962(B) shall be administered and evaluated only by a Department approved testing entity which shall be periodically monitored by the Department.
    (b)   Each approved examination entity must provide the Department with the following:
    (1)   Written job analysis studies to determine the pool of test questions.
    (2)   Test question validation studies.
    (3)   Assurances that the written and skills testing process are not compromised.
    (c)   Each approved examination entity shall provide the examinee with the following:
    (1)   The notice showing pass/fail results.
    (2)   The notice shall specify the areas of failure to the examinee.
    (d)   The Department shall withdraw approval of a testing entity when it allows one or more of the following:
    (1)   Disclosure of the competency examination.
    (2)   Allowing another entity not approved by the Department to score the competency examination.
    (3)   Tampering with the competency examination.
    (4)   The competency examination was administered by a non-qualified individual.
    (e)   Each trainee requesting to sit for the written or oral examination and skills examination shall present to the testing entity a Training Verification Form completed by the agency that provided the supportive home assistant training.
    (f)   A record of the Training Verification Form and successful completion of the competency examination for each examinee shall be maintained by the testing entity for at least five (5) years. Competency is determined by a passing score on the written or oral examination and skills examination.
[Source: Added at 28 Ok Reg 1061, eff 6-11-11]