SECTION 330:1-1-1. Purpose  

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  •   The rules of this Chapter have been adopted for the purpose of complying with the Administrative Procedures Act, 75 O. S., Section 250, et seq. The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency ("OHFA") is an agency of the state and an Oklahoma Public Trust created pursuant to Title 60 Oklahoma Statutes 1981, Sections 176 to 180.3, inclusive, as amended and supplemented, the Oklahoma Trust Act, and other applicable statutes and laws of the State of Oklahoma. OHFA operates pursuant to said statutes and laws and in accordance with its Second Amended Trust Indenture dated as of the 4th day of September, 1986 (the "Trust Indenture"), and its Bylaws dated as of the 14th day of July, 1975 (the "Bylaws"), as amended and as same may be amended. The Trust Indenture provides that the Trustees of OHFA shall carry out the provisions of said Trust Indenture.