SECTION 330:1-1-2. General organization  

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  • (a)   General. OHFA is organized in accordance with Articles II and IV of the Amended Trust Indenture and in the Bylaws of OHFA, to effectively carry out the policies of OHFA. The affairs, business and property of OHFA are managed by the duly appointed Trustees in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of the Amended Trust Indenture. Pursuant to the Trust Indenture and Bylaws of OHFA, the officers of OHFA are a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer, whose duties shall be fulfilled in conformity with the provisions of the Amended Trust Indenture and the Bylaws of OHFA and the positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be united in one person.
    (b)   Committees. Pursuant to the Trust Indenture and Bylaws, at any meeting of the Trustees, the Trustees may appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary or advisable to assist in the operation and supervision of OHFA, and a Trustee must serve as chairperson of any committee appointed, but professional and lay persons may be appointed to membership on said committees, if deemed advisable by the Trustees.