SECTION 330:1-3-2. Notice  

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  •   General notice of not less than twenty (20) days prior to the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any rule, statement of policy, or regulation shall be given by mail to all persons who have made timely request for advance notice of such proceedings, and shall also be published in The Oklahoma Register. Provided, however, if it is found that there are compelling extraordinary circumstances, or there is imminent peril to the preservation of the public health, safety or welfare, a rule may be adopted upon fewer than twenty (20) days notice, in conformity with the applicable provisions of the APA. The adoption of any rule by emergency does not preclude the passage of an identical rule under the normal rule making procedures. The sufficiency of the reasons for the finding of imminent peril to the public health, safety or welfare, or other compelling circumstances, shall be subject to judicial review.