SECTION 330:1-5-11. Rehearings  

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  • (a)   Grounds for rehearing. At the discretion of the Trustee, a rehearing may be granted to any party if a written request is made therefor within ten (10) days after any order is mailed or delivered to the person entitled to receive same. In the request for rehearing, the party shall set forth one or more of the following grounds:
    (1)   Newly discovered or newly available evidence relevant to the issues;
    (2)   Need for additional evidence adequately to develop the facts essential to proper decision;
    (3)   Probable error committed by the Trustees in the proceeding or in their decision such as would be ground for reversal on judicial review of the order;
    (4)   Need for further consideration of the issues and the evidence in the public interest; or
    (5)   A showing that issues not previously considered ought to be examined in order to properly dispose of the matter.
    (b)   Fraud or perjury grounds for rehearing. Nothing in these rules shall prevent the Trustees from rehearing, reopening or reconsidering any matter in accordance with other applicable statutory provisions or, at any time, on the ground of fraud practiced by the prevailing party or of procurement of the order by perjured testimony or fictitious evidence.