SECTION 330:1-5-14. Disqualification of Trustees

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  •   Any Trustee or duly appointed hearing examiner acting on behalf of the Trustees shall withdraw from any individual proceeding in which he cannot accord a fair and impartial consideration. Any party may request the disqualification of a Trustee or hearing examiner on the ground of such persons' inability to conduct the proceeding in a fair and impartial manner. Such request must be made by affidavit setting forth with particularity the reason for which it is claimed the impartial and fair hearing cannot be accorded. Such a request must be made promptly upon discovery of the alleged disqualification; the Trustees shall promptly determine the issue. Any Trustee who is the subject of such a determination shall abstain from the deliberations of the remaining Trustees. Upon a determination of the disqualification of a hearing examiner, the Trustees shall appoint another or conduct the proceeding themselves. In the event of the disqualification of a Trustee, the remaining Trustees shall request the Governor to appoint a member pro tempore to sit in his stead for the proceeding in question.