SECTION 35:37-15-10. Marketing When Registered with the ODAFF Organic Program  

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  • (a)   The Department shall issue a numbered logo stating, "Registered by the ODAFF Organic Program." The logo shall be annually dated to ensure that the registrant has currently completed registration requirements and shall be made available to the registrant on an annual basis.
    (b)   The registrant may display the logo, or copies of the logo, on marketing information used at the location where conducting business; but the logo shall not be attached directly to a product label.
    (c)   The "Registered by the ODAFF Organic Program" logo shall only be used for marketing purposes within the state of Oklahoma and shall only be used for raw and processed organically produced agricultural products when authorized by the Department.
[Source: Added at 21 Ok Reg 1181, eff 5-27-04]