SECTION 385:40-1-10. Notice or notify  

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  •   As used in Title 70 §15-207 and 208 and 210 of the Oklahoma Statutes the notice must be received at the office of the CLO and the notice must be in writing and may be delivered by mail or by electronic transmission and shall be deemed received when it is receipted by an employee of the office to which it is required to be delivered. In the case of Title 70 §15-207, the paying agent of the school district shall notify the CLO and the State Bond Advisor as soon as it is known that the payment will not be timely made but in any event, shall be received by the CLO and State Bond Advisor not later than 5 business days before the maturity date.
[Source: Added at 13 Ok Reg 641, eff 11-29-95 (emergency); Added at 13 Ok Reg 1373, eff 5-13-96]