SECTION 422:10-20-2. Definitions  

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  •   The following words and terms used in these rules shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
    "Applicant" means a consumer who has submitted a complete and timely application.
    "Application" means the set of forms prescribed by the Commission for the purpose of applying for and/or assigning a rebate and participating in the rebate program as a propane dealer, including all required supporting documentation.
    "Available funds" means the money available in the Oklahoma LP Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Revolving Fund in the state treasury, consisting of fees charged under O.S. 52 Sec. 420.22 and penalties for the late payment of the fee charged under O.S. 52 Sec. 420.28.
    "Commission" means the Oklahoma LP Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Commission.
    "Consumer" means a person who is the legal owner of eligible equipment installed in an eligible installation.
    "Delivery date" means the date of postmark of a mailed complete and correct application or the date that a hand-delivered complete and correct application is stamped in at the Oklahoma City offices of the Commission.
    "Eligible equipment" means a self-contained, propane gas burning appliance for heating air by transfer of heat of combustion through metal to the air and designed to supply heated air through ducts to spaces remote from or adjacent to the appliance location.
    "Eligible installation" means an installation of eligible equipment that takes place on real property owned by the applicant and located in this state and that occurs no earlier than the effective date of this rule and no later than the date of termination of the program established under this rule.
    "Installation Date" means the date on which a Safety Inspection (Form 4) is performed per Oklahoma Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board rules and regulations (Title 420:10-1-15).
    "Person" means an individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or other legal entity.
    "Propane" means Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as that term is defined in O.S. 52 Sec. 420.21.
    "Propane dealer" means a person who:
    (A)   has been issued a current Class I permit from the Oklahoma LP Gas Administration; or
    (B)   has been issued a Class X Manager's permit to operate or manage a retail business, including any branch outlet or outlets, delivering odorized propane to consumers; and
    (C)   is a regular supplier or a potential regular supplier of propane to an applicant.
    "Safety inspection" means an on-site inspection, including any necessary pressure tests, of an operating eligible installation by a propane dealer or a propane dealer's designated agent, for the purpose of verifying that the LP-gas system, including all equipment, is or was installed in compliance with the central furnace rebate program rules and with all applicable LP Gas Administration rules, including Form 4 requirements, and is in safe operating condition.
[Source: Added at 17 Ok Reg 890, eff 2-10-00 (emergency); Added at 17 Ok Reg 3003, eff 7-13-00; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 2509, eff 7-11-08]