SECTION 429:20-1-6. Ticket validation requirements  

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  • (a)   Each Online game ticket shall be validated according to OLC validation procedures prior to payment of a prize.
    (b)   An Online game ticket shall comply with all of the following:
    (1)   The ticket validation number shall be present in its entirety and shall correspond to the prize validation file and with the data printed on the ticket;
    (2)   The ticket shall not be mutilated, altered, unreadable, or tampered with in any manner;
    (3)   The ticket shall not be counterfeit or a duplicate of another winning ticket;
    (4)   The ticket shall have been issued by the lottery through an authorized Online game sales terminal in an authorized manner;
    (5)   The ticket shall be validated in accordance with confidential OLC procedures for claiming, validating and payment of prizes;
    (6)   The ticket shall have been recorded in the OLC central computer system or recording media before the drawing and the ticket shall match this OLC record in every aspect;
    (7)   The validation number data and the drawing date of an apparent winning ticket shall appear on the official file of winning tickets and a single play grid with the exact data and the ticket may not have been previously paid;
    (8)   The ticket may not be misregistered or defectively printed to an extent that it cannot be validated by the lottery;
    (9)   The ticket shall pass all other confidential security tests of OLC.
    (c)   Any ticket not passing all of the validation tests and requirements is void and ineligible for any prize and shall not be paid. The OLC may, in its sole discretion, reimburse the player for the cost of the void ticket. This shall be the claimant's only remedy.
    (d)   If a defective ticket is purchased by a player, the only OLC liability shall be reimbursement for the cost of the defective ticket.
[Source: Added at 23 Ok Reg 188, eff 10-10-05 (emergency); Added at 23 Ok Reg 2791, eff 6-25-06]