SECTION 450:55-19-2. Medication storage

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  • (a)   Medication administration, storage and control, and consumer reactions shall be continually monitored.
    (b)   PACT Programs shall have written policy and procedures to address the following:
    (1)   proper storage and control of medications;
    (2)   facility response to medication administration emergency;
    (3)   facility response to medical emergency; and
    (4)   emergency supply's for medication administration as directed by PACT physician.
    (c)   Written procedures for medication administration shall be available and accessible in all medication storage areas, and available to all staff authorized to administer medications.
    (d)   All medications shall be kept in locked, non-consumer accessible areas. Conditions which shall be considered in medication storage are light, moisture, sanitation, temperature, ventilation, and the segregation and safe storage of poisons, external medications, and internal medications.
    (e)   Telephone numbers of the state poison centers shall be immediately available in all locations where medications are prescribed, or administered, or stored.
    (f)   Compliance with 450:55-19-2 shall be determined by on-site observation and a review of written policy and procedures, clinical records and PI records.
[Source: Added at 20 Ok Reg 683, eff 2-27-03 (emergency); Added at 21 Ok Reg 1093, eff 7-1-04]