SECTION 450:55-25-10. Integrated screening, intake, and assessment services  

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  • (a)   BHH policy and procedure shall require that a screening of each potential BHH consumer's service needs is completed in a timely manner. An integrated screening should be welcoming and culturally appropriate, as well as maximize recognition of the prevalence of co-occurring disorders among those who typically present for services.
    (b)   Upon determination of appropriate admission, consumer intake, and assessment information shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    (1)   Behavioral, including substance use, abuse, and dependence;
    (2)   Emotional, including issues related to past or current trauma;
    (3)   Physical;
    (4)   Social and recreational; and
    (5)   Vocational.
    (c)   The consumer and family as appropriate shall be an active participant(s) in the screening, intake and assessment process.
    (d)   The facility shall have policy and procedures specific to each program service which dictate timeframes by when assessments must be completed and documented. In the event the consumer is not admitted and as a result the assessment is not included in the clinical record, the policy shall specify how screening and assessment information is maintained and stored.
    (e)   Compliance with this Section will be determined by a review of clinical records, and policy and procedures.
[Source: Added at 32 Ok Reg 478, eff 1-1-15 (emergency); Added at 32 Ok Reg 2131, eff 9-15-15]