SECTION 450:55-25-14. Integrated care plan; content  

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  • (a)   The integrated care plan must address all services necessary to assist the client in meeting his or her physical and behavioral health goals, and include the following:
    (1)   Consumer diagnoses, relative to behavioral and physical health conditions assessed by and addressed by behavioral heath home in terms of direct services provided and/or conditions for which individual is referred elsewhere for treatment.
    (2)   Treatment goals, including preventive/primary care services;
    (3)   Interventions, including follow up with necessary medical providers;
    (4)   A detailed statement of the type, duration, and frequency of services, including primary medical and specialty care, social work, psychiatric nursing, counseling, and therapy services, necessary to meet the consumer's specific needs;
    (5)   Medications, treatments, and individual and/or group therapies;
    (6)   As applicable, family psychotherapy with the primary focus on treatment of the consumer's conditions; and
    (7)   The interdisciplinary treatment team's documentation of the consumer's or representative's and/or primary caregiver's (if any) understanding, involvement, and agreement with the care plan.
    (b)   Compliance with this Section will be determined by on-site review of clinical records and supported documentation.
[Source: Added at 32 Ok Reg 478, eff 1-1-15 (emergency); Added at 32 Ok Reg 2131, eff 9-15-15]