SECTION 450:55-25-7. Required services  

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  • (a)   The BHH must have policies and clear descriptions to delineate each specific service provided by the BHH.
    (b)   The BHH must provide the following services within the framework described in 450:27-9-1:
    (1)   Comprehensive Care Management;
    (2)   Care Coordination;
    (3)   Health Promotion;
    (4)   Comprehensive Transitional Care;
    (5)   Individual and Family Support services; and
    (6)   Referral to Community and Social Support Services.
    (c)   Program descriptions, personnel and privileging records, and other organizational documents will specify which staff members are qualified to provide each BHH service.
    (d)   Compliance with this Section will be determined by on-site observation, review of organizational documents, program descriptions, outcome monitoring and other performance improvement activity reports, and clinical records.
[Source: Added at 32 Ok Reg 478, eff 1-1-15 (emergency); Added at 32 Ok Reg 2131, eff 9-15-15]