SECTION 450:55-5-6. Treatment team meeting  

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  • (a)   The PACT team shall conduct treatment planning meetings under the supervision of the team leader, or designee. These treatment planning meetings shall minimally:
    (1)   Convene at regularly scheduled times per a written schedule maintained by the team leader; and
    (2)   Occur with sufficient frequency and duration to develop written individual consumer treatment plans and to review the individual treatment plan to discuss the consumer's progress and make any recommended changes or updates every six months and rewrite the treatment plans every 12 months.
    (b)   Prior to writing the treatment plan, the team shall meet to develop the treatment plan by discussing and documenting:
    (1)   The specifics of all information learned from the comprehensive assessments or course of treatment; and
    (2)   Recommendations made to the treatment plan from the consumer, family members and PACT staff.
    (c)   Treatment planning meetings shall be scheduled in advance of the meeting and the schedule shall be posted. The team shall assure that consumers and others designated by the consumers may have the opportunity to attend treatment planning meetings, if desired by the consumer. At each treatment planning meeting to rewrite the treatment plan, the following staff should attend: team leader, psychiatrist or APN, primary case manager, individual treatment team members, and all other PACT team members involved in regular tasks with the consumer. For the treatment plan review, the following staff should attend: team leader, primary case manager and individual treatment team members.
    (d)   Compliance with 450:55-5-6 shall be determined by on-site observation and a review of the following: clinical records, PICIS information and the PACT policy and procedures.
[Source: Added at 20 Ok Reg 683, eff 2-27-03 (emergency); Added at 21 Ok Reg 1093, eff 7-1-04; Amended at 24 Ok Reg 1422, eff 7-1-07; Amended at 27 Ok Reg 1015, eff 7-1-10; Amended at 31 Ok Reg 2068, eff 10-1-14]