SECTION 460:1-1-3. Definitions

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  •   The following terms shall be construed to have the meaning defined herein, otherwise words and phrases shall be given a fair and reasonable interpretation of meaning in accordance with the ordinary professional community meaning or common, ordinary and everyday accepted meaning attributed to such words and phrases. The following words or terms when used in this chapter, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
    "APA" means the Oklahoma Administrative procedures Act (75 O.S. Sections 250 et seq., Sections 301 et seq.).
    "Chairman" means Chairman of the Oklahoma Mining Commission.
    "Commission" means the Oklahoma Mining Commission.
    "Department" means the Oklahoma Department of Mines unless otherwise specified.
    "Director" means the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Mines.
    "Executive Session" means any session held by the Commission only for the purpose of discussing the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining or resignation of any individual, salaried public officer or employee, or for the purpose of confidential communications between the Commission and its attorney as provided in the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act (25 O.S. Section 307).
    "Government" or "Governmental" means the government of this State, the government of the United States, and any subdivision, agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of either of them.
    "Meeting" means the conducting of business of the Commission by a majority of its members being personally together.
    "MSHA" means the Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration.
    "New business" means any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting of the agenda for any meeting.
    "OMTI" means the Oklahoma Miner Training Institute as established by law.
    "Order" means any lawful order issued by the Commission or any Hearing Examiner of the Commission which is binding upon the party or parties to whom it is directed and which may be enforced when final through the exercise of the Commission's power.
    "OSM" means the federal Office of Surface Mining.
    "Party" means any person or agency named, participating, or properly seeking and entitled to participate in any proceeding before the Commission.
    "Regular meeting" means the meeting at which regular business of the Commission is conducted.
    "Regulations" means the interpretation of any rule or order of the Commission for regulation of the Oklahoma Mining Industry; a regulating principle.
    "Rules" means any Commission statement of general applicability and future effect that implements, interprets or prescribes substantive law or policy or prescribes the procedure or practice requirements of the Commission.
    "Special meetings" means any meeting of the Commission other than regular meetings.
    "State" means the State of Oklahoma.