SECTION 460:1-3-1. Appointment, tenure and status  

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  •   The organization of the Commission is declared to be that as enumerated in 45 O.S. Section 1, as amended, or as may otherwise be established by law.
    (1)   The Commission, is comprised of nine (9) members, appointed by the Governor and subject to approval by the Senate, for seven (7) year staggered terms.
    (2)   The Commission shall constitute a body corporate of the State of Oklahoma with the authority to exercise all powers conferred upon it by, but not limited to 45 O.S. Section 1(A) as amended.
    (3)   Each member shall be a qualified elector of the State.
    (4)   The nine member Commission shall consist of persons with varied backgrounds; at least one in engineering or geology; one in labor or worker's safety; one in agriculture or soil conservation; one in transportation; one in economic development or banking; one in public utilities; one in natural resources; and two at large.