SECTION 460:1-5-2. Duties and powers defined

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  •   The Commission has the following powers and duties as set forth by this Chapter:
    (1)   To advise, consult and cooperate with other agencies of this State, the federal government, other states and interstate agencies and with affected groups, political subdivisions and industries in furtherance of the Oklahoma mining industry;
    (2)   To serve as the Department of Mines liaison to the general public by communicating and enhancing the Department's goals and accomplishments;
    (3)   To approve, renew and finalize agreements or contracts for services and contracts concerning faculty, facilities and personnel for the operation of OMTI. Said agreements or contracts shall be signed by the Chairman of the Commission;
    (4)   To approve all new rules and regulations pertaining to the Department of Mines;
    (5)   To prescribe rules and regulations for the Commission and to make such Orders as it may deem necessary or expedient in the performance of its duties;
    (6)   To accept and administer grants from the federal government and from other sources, public or private, for carrying out any functions of the Commission;
    (7)   To conduct studies, investigations, research and demonstrations relating to the health and safety of persons employed in mines as it may deem advisable and necessary in the public interest;
    (8)   To require the Director to review underground mining plan specifications and other relative data and to make recommendations to the Commission as to the approval or denial of such plans;
    (9)   To advise the Director on all matters affecting mining;
    (10)   To review and approve all budgets, administrative procedures and operations of the Department and advise the Department concerning its compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
    (11)   With the assistance and advice of the State Auditor and Inspector, to require adequate and reasonably uniform accounting and auditing procedures which shall be used by the Department;
    (12)   To issue, revoke, modify or deny certificates of competency for OMTI graduates under such conditions, which includes the graduates' compliance with all other state, federal, and local permitting and licensing requirements, as the Commission may prescribe;
    (13)   To approve the appointment by the Director of a miner certification advisory council or other such advisory council as may be required to accomplish government functions including, but not limited to:
    (A)   Administering examinations for certificates of competency relating to underground mining issued by the Oklahoma Mining Commission;
    (B)   Providing the Commission with results of examinations and making recommendations as to each OMTI graduate's ability to perform his duties;
    (C)   Assisting the Commission with the issuance of certificates of competency;
    (D)   Making recommendations as to the type of training required for certification;
    (E)   Making recommendations on ways to improve the health and safety of miners.
    (14)   Require an annual review of safety procedures and plans in place throughout the state's mining industry. These procedures and plans are to be on file at the Department's office.
[Source: Amended at 18 Ok Reg 3198, eff 7-26-01]