SECTION 485:1-1-3. Staff members  

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  • (a)   Executive Director. The Board shall appoint and employ a qualified person, who shall be a registered nurse, to serve as Executive Director . . .and shall define the duties. [59 O.S. Section 567.4(E)]
    (b)   Staff. The Board, through its designee the Executive Director, may appoint and employ other qualified persons to assist the Board in its function, and shall define the duties of the positions.
    (c)   Deputy Executive Director. When the Executive Director is out of the office, or otherwise engaged, he/she shall designate a deputy director to act. If the position of Executive Director is vacant or the Executive Director has been unable to make the designation, the President of the Board shall designate a deputy director to serve until the next meeting of the Board, at which time the Board shall appoint an acting Executive Director.
[Source: Amended at 8 Ok Reg 3575, eff 9-20-91 (emergency); Amended at 9 Ok Reg 2099, eff 6-11-92; Amended at 32 Ok Reg 1199, eff 8-27-15]