SECTION 485:10-10-2. Certification training program  

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  • (a)   The certification training program shall consist of classroom and clinical instruction in the performance of specific core skills that have been selected and approved by the Board;
    (b)   Any certified training program submitted to the Board for approval shall meet the following requirements:
    (1)   Any health-care facility, educational institution or education provider that meets the Board's criteria for approved programs and is approved by the Board may provide the certification training program.
    (2)   Any health-care facility, educational institution or education provider wishing to establish a certification training program for advanced unlicensed assistive personnel shall file the appropriate forms with the Board. The application shall include, but is not limited to:
    (A)   program plan following the curriculum approved by the Board;
    (B)   clock hours of classroom and supervised clinical instruction;
    (C)   description of classroom and skills training facility;
    (D)   evidence of adequate learning resources; and
    (E)   faculty qualification record for each instructor.
    (3)   The Board shall advise the institution in writing of its decision to:
    (A)   approve proceeding with the program; or
    (B)   defer approval pending a site visit and/or receipt of further information; or
    (C)   deny approval specifying reasons for denial.
    (4)   The application shall be limited to fifteen (15), single-sided pages, with at least a one inch margin, no less than 1.5 line spacing and no less than an 11 point font size.
    (5)   An approved program shall notify the Board when there are substantive changes in the program that alter the length of the program, reorganize course offerings or change in instructors.
[Source: Added at 14 Ok Reg 1980, eff 5-27-97; Amended at 15 Ok Reg 2038, eff 5-26-98; Amended at 19 Ok Reg 1467, eff 7-1-02; Amended at 29 Ok Reg 1615, eff 7-12-12; Amended at 35 Ok Reg 1875, eff 9-14-18]