SECTION 485:10-19-4. Peer Assistance Committee(s)  

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  • (a)   Members of the Peer Assistance Committee(s) shall have expertise in chemical dependency.
    (b)   Composition of the Committee shall be:
    (1)   at least three members,
    (2)   at least one member who is currently certified through the Addictions Nursing Certification Board and/or licensed or certified by the Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors,
    (3)   at least one recovering person, and
    (4)   the majority to be currently licensed nurses.
    (5)   A quorum shall be at least two members, with at least one member having expertise in chemical dependency.
    (c)   The committee shall have the following responsibilities:
    (1)   determine licensee's acceptance into program,
    (2)   develop with licensee a contract for program participation,
    (3)   meet with licensee on a specified basis to monitor and determine progress,
    (4)   determine successful completion of program,
    (5)   determine termination from program for failure to comply,
    (6)   report all terminations to the Board.
    (d)   The Peer Assistance Committee(s) shall be appointed by the Board from applications for a term of three years.
[Source: Added at 12 Ok Reg 1463, eff 5-25-95; Amended at 20 Ok Reg 1010, eff 7-1-03; Amended at 27 Ok Reg 1024, eff 7-1-10]