SECTION 485:10-5-12. Out-of-State nursing education programs conducting clinical experiences in Oklahoma

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  • (a)   Nursing education programs leading to initial licensure that wish to conduct clinical experiences in Oklahoma must obtain prior permission from the Board.
    (b)   To apply for permission from the Board, the program must submit a letter of request to the Board and provide evidence that the following standards will be met:
    (1)   The program must be on full approval status with the board of nursing in another member board jurisdiction;
    (2)   The program will provide for supervision of students while in the clinical area by a nursing faculty member with an unencumbered Oklahoma nursing license;
    (3)   A written clinical affiliation agreement with the clinical facility will be in place; and
    (4)   If precepted clinical experiences are requested, the program will ensure they are conducted in accordance with the Board's policy.
    (c)   Registered Nurses enrolled in out-of-state advanced practice registered nursing education programs may participate in clinical experiences and clinical preceptorship in Oklahoma as part of the advanced practice registered nursing education program, under the following conditions:
    (1)   The advanced practice registered nurse student has an unencumbered Oklahoma license to practice registered nursing,
    (2)   The faculty responsible for oversight of the clinical component of the nursing education program has an Oklahoma unencumbered license to practice nursing at the level of the education being taught or higher, and
    (3)   The advanced practice registered nursing education program meets the requirements established by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing for education preparation of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.
[Source: Added at 22 Ok Reg 1345, eff 7-1-05; Amended at 24 Ok Reg 1439, eff 7-1-07; Amended at 29 Ok Reg 1615, eff 7-12-12; Amended at 32 Ok Reg 1199, eff 8-27-15; Amended at 33 Ok Reg 1026, eff 8-25-16; Amended at 36 Ok Reg 1000, eff 7-25-19]