SECTION 485:10-7-3. Renewal of [RN] license  

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  • (a)   All Registered Nurse licenses issued may be renewed in accordance with the schedule published by the Board.
    (b)   The applicant must submit an application containing such information as the Board may prescribe.
    (c)   The application for renewal of license must be completed and accompanied by the established fee before a new license is issued.
    (d)   The fee for renewal of license shall be established by the Board in accordance with statutory guidelines.
    (e)   In addition to meeting other requirements for renewal established by the Board in these Rules, effective January 1, 2014, each licensee shall demonstrate evidence of continuing qualifications for practice through completion of one or more of the following requirements within the past two years prior to the expiration date of the license:
    (1)   Verify employment in a position that requires a registered nurse license with verification of at least 520 work hours; or
    (2)   Verify the completion of at least twenty-four (24) contact hours of continuing education applicable to nursing practice; or
    (3)   Verify current certification in a nursing specialty area; or
    (4)   Verify completion of a Board-approved refresher course; or
    (5)   Verify completion of at least six (6) academic semester credit hours of nursing coursework at the licensee's current level of licensure or higher.
    (f)   If audited, the licensee shall present documentation supporting the continuing qualifications.
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