SECTION 515:15-1-2. Definitions

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  •   The following words and terms when used in this Chapter shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
    "Applicant" means an Inmate who has submitted a commutation application to the Board for consideration of a commutation of a sentence or sentences.
    "Application review" means the process conducted by the administrative staff of the Board to determine the completeness of the application.
    "Board" means Pardon and Parole Board.
    "Commutation" means the substitution of a lesser incarceration term for a greater one, or modification or reduction of a punishment, such as the change of an indefinite term to a definite term.
    "Commutation application" means the form approved by the Board for the consideration of a commutation.
    "Complete application" means an application in which all sections of the application have been determined to be complete.
    "Confirmation number" means a tracking number assigned by the Board to identify those persons who wish to appear before the Board in support or in protest of an Inmate's commutation application.
    "Delegate" means a person that appears before the Board on behalf of the Inmate.
    "Incomplete application" means an application that is lacking a part, parts, or all of a section or sections or the applicant did not sufficiently answer all questions as determined by the Executive Director or an assigned designee.
    "Ineligible application" means an application in which the Inmate does not meet the eligibility criteria for commutation consideration.
    "Initial review" means a Stage One review of the application by the Board to determine if the application warrants additional investigation and further study.
    "Illegible application" means a handwritten application in which the handwriting cannot be read as determined by the Executive Director or an assigned designee.
    "Jacket review" means a review by the Board of a complete application.
    "Legal representative for the Inmate" means a person or persons appointed or authorized to represent the Inmate.
    "Personal appearance" means an appearance by the Inmate before the Board via video-conferencing.
    "Receipt" means the date on which the application is determined to be complete and is date stamped as received.
    "Stage Two review" means a second review of a commutation application by the Board and includes a personal appearance.
    "Trial Official" means the current elected judge of the court where the conviction was had, the current elected district attorney of the jurisdiction where the conviction was had, or the chief or head administrative officer of the arresting law enforcement agency.
    "Victim" means a person or persons who have suffered direct or threatened physical or emotional harm or financial loss as the result of the commission or attempted commission of criminally injurious conduct.
    "Victim Representative" means a person or persons of the immediate or extended family of the Victim or a person or persons designated by the Victim or the immediate or extended family of the Victim.
[Source: Added at 35 Ok Reg 1908, eff 9-14-18]