SECTION 515:15-5-2. Incomplete applications

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  • (a)   Incomplete application notification. If the application is incomplete, a notification letter will be mailed within ten (10) business days of the review to the applicant.
    (b)   Missing information deadline. The applicant will be afforded ninety (90) days from the date of the notification letter to provide the missing information. No further action by the Board will be taken on an incomplete application until the missing information is provided.
    (c)   Incomplete applications following notification. If, after notification and the 90-day deadline has passed and the missing information are not sufficiently answered as determined by the Executive Director or an assigned designee, the applicant will be notified and the application will be moved to Inactive Status.
    (d)   Inactive status. Following the 90-day deadline, incomplete applications will be moved to inactive status and the disposition of the application will follow the Board's published Records Disposition schedule.
    (e)   Return of the incomplete application. An incomplete application will not be returned to the Inmate or Legal Representative. A copy of the incomplete application may be obtained through an Open Records Request prior to disposition along with payment in accordance with the published fee schedule.
    (f)   Illegible applications. Illegible applications will be returned with notification and a request that a legible or typed application be resubmitted.
[Source: Added at 35 Ok Reg 1908, eff 9-14-18]