SECTION 515:15-7-1. Victim registration

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  • (a)   Victim notification program. The Board utilizes the Victim Notification Program to notify a registered Victim or Victim Representative of an Inmate's commutation application.
    (b)   Registration. A Victim or Victim Representative may register with the Victim Notification Program by contacting the administrative staff at 405/521-6600 to obtain a copy of the form. The form is also available on the website at Notification Program, or by contacting the Victim Witness Coordinator in the county where the Inmate was prosecuted. A completed form can be mailed to the administrative office of the Board or emailed as per the directions on the form.
    (c)   Change of address. In order to ensure continued notifications from the Board, changes of address of the Victim or Victim Representative must be provided in writing to administrative office of the Board.
[Source: Added at 35 Ok Reg 1908, eff 9-14-18]