SECTION 5:2-3-4. Availability of records; copies  

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  • (a)   Copies of rules, regulations, final orders, decisions, and opinions relating to abstract licenses, certificates of authority, temporary certificates of authority, and permits will be available for public inspection at the principal office during stated office hours.
    (b)   Copies of the official records may be made and certified by the Board or by a person designated by the Board to perform such duties upon prepayment of the copying fee as authorized in the Oklahoma Open Records Act, which shall be posted in the office of the Board.
    (c)   All material in the office of the Board which is protected from publication by either State or Federal law shall not be released.
[Source: Added as 5:1-3-4 at 25 Ok Reg 1499, eff 4-17-08 (emergency); Added at 26 Ok Reg 1795, eff 7-15-09]