SECTION 610:15-1-2. Towers and facilities use  

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  • (a)   All proposed installations shall be in accordance with good engineering practices and shall be subject to the approval of the OneNet engineering staff. Requests for installation of microwave antennas on the OneNet towers shall be approved only after a tower wind load study is performed by an approved and qualified registered professional engineer. Costs of the study are to be paid for by the proposed user. Any structural modifications required to the tower resulting from the proposed antenna installation will be at the expense of the proposer. Generally, 2-way radio antenna installations will not require a tower analysis to be performed; however, it shall be at the discretion of the ETN engineering staff as to whether or not an analysis is required.
    (b)   The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will develop a schedule of monthly rates for the use of OneNet's towers and facilities.
    (c)   The Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee may waive any or all monthly rates specified in the rate schedule if use of OneNet's towers and facilities is determined to be in the best interest of the State.
    (d)   The State Regents reserve the right to change the rates or cancel service with a 90-day advance notice to the user.
[Source: Amended at 11 Ok Reg 1889, eff 5-12-94; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 2627, eff 7-11-05; Amended at 27 Ok Reg 1275, eff 5-27-10]