SECTION 610:15-1-3. Communications services use

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  • (a)   The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will make OneNet's voice, data and video communications services and infrastructure available to educational entities, governmental agencies and commercial businesses; provided, however, that the proposed use does not interfere with the normal maintenance and operation of OneNet. Each request to utilize the voice, data and/or video communications services will be reviewed on an individual basis to ensure it is consistent with state and federal laws and regulations. The State Regents will develop a schedule of rates to be utilized for the services provided and shall have the ability to offer discounted rates on a case-by-case basis if it is determined to be in the best interest of the State.
    (b)   The State Regents reserve the right to change the rates or cancel service with a 90-day advance notice to the user.
[Source: Amended at 11 Ok Reg 1889, eff 5-12-94; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 2627, eff 7-11-05; Amended at 27 Ok Reg 1275, eff 5-27-10]